Friday, October 19, 2001

2001, October 19, Friday

9:45 PM, Miguel came home with food from work! He fixed me a plate, the pasta was pretty good! He brought up that he would go to his friend's place on Normandie for a drink, makes them DRINKS! LOL This time, he asked me! I wouldn't stop him at all. He would drink anyway! He offered me to go with him. I was tired to go. He tried to persauded me. I still refused! Miguel got dressed up. I heard him to drive away! I stayed online till 3:30, listening to web radio!

4:50 AM, Miguel come home drunk for the UPTEETH TIME! He snack on the leftovers. He coughed for a while in the kitchen. I checked on him. He claimed he is okay. The next hour or so, his coughing continued waking me up. I got so angry at him, he refused to drink some water. I was so ready to salp his ass. I pulled the covers off of him, I was thisclose for some ass whopping! I went back to sleep, his cough went much longer. I couldn't sleep. He was really out of it, telling me to leave him alone! He finally drank some water. He used the restroom. I use that time to fully fell asleep. He woke up me coughing toward me. I convinced him to turn over on his other side. We both fell sleep!

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