Monday, June 9, 2008

New Laptop

My friends and I saw some laptops at Best Buy.

The one I want was out of stock.

Brian went online and ordered the laptop for me.

That was so smart of him.

I saved $150 on the web.

It cost $899.99 in person.

Brian told me that the best buy in Glendale have it.

We decided to pick it up there.

On the way, Peter received a email on his cell phone.

It said the laptop was not there either.

We went to Costco next door for some pizza.

The line was too long.

Peter come back with no pizza.

Brian called the 800 number.

I have two choices.

I can pick it up at another best buy.

Or the laptop can be ship to my place.

It will take 7 or 9 business days.

With $11 extra, I can get it on Wednesday.

I don't want to wait a week.

The new laptop is coming this Wednesday.

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