Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mark Twain Hotel - $20

mark twain hotel

It was one of those nights
Miguel spent last night with me.
He did not want to stay at Mark Twain Hotel in Hollywood.
He said that the manager gave him some attitude.
That i can see.
This morning, we went back to Mark Twain Hotel.
I wanted to pick up his clothes.
Tonight is his last night.
Tomorrow, he need to leave the hotel.
Also, miguel can not afford the hotel room.
He does not have a job any more.
All thanx to his alcohol problem.
Any way, we tried to go upstairs.
The manager stopped us.
He gave me some attitude for no reason.
He said I did not know Miguel.
Yes, I do!
He wanted my ID and $20.
Why $20?
That does not make any sense.
I won't pay $20 to pick up Miguel's stuff from the hotel.
$20 is a big rip off.
I was thisclose of going upstairs without paying $20.
I bet the guy will call the police om my ass.

The manager have some NERVES to give me some attitude!

You can give them a piece of YOUR mind or make reservations at Mark Twain Hotel in Hollywood.

Mark Twain Hotel
(323) 463-2111
1622 Wilcox Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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