Tuesday, August 26, 2008

big surprise update

Visit Or Not To Visit Miguel.

This morning, Miguel listened to the message from the sister in law.
He deleted the message.
Later, I told Miguel about his sister in law.
She is coming over this evening for a visit.
He became UPSET!
He doesn't want to see her.
He want me to call her back.
It will do him some good.

This afternoon, he still want me to call her back.
Sorry, I can't.
I don't have her phone number.
I have not talk to her for a long time.
Oh well.
Maybe, she will call again before she comes over this evening.
I can tell her that Miguel wants to see her on his day off.
He don't work on sundays and mondays.
This past year, I got nowhere with Miguel.
Hopefully, she can talk some sense to him.

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