Wednesday, June 29, 2005



The FBI paid me a visit this morning. We discussed the hit man, Miguel, attempted murder, homeless, depression, family, HIV, and name change.

They don't want me to post another hit man ad or any FBI agent phone number on the web site.

They pointed out that someone ANGRY could go after the FBI agent.
They warned me if I post another hitman ad, I will be arrested. I don't think the police can arrest me at all. I don't believe in suicide. A hit man is the next best thing for me.

I showed them my depression medication.

They wanted to see my ID. I showed them my ID and SS number. The FBI guy took down notes.

The lady FBI mentioned that they will keep tabs on me. That's pretty okay with me. Hey, no one can go after me! At least, the police or the FBI will know about it. I am safe.

I told them that I haven't seen my family since 1999. I want no part of them whatsoever. My mum want no gay son. So, I am dead to her. I told them that I lost contact with them too and I can't find them either. They mentioned I can find them if I want to. They believed I am good with the internet. The FBI gave me two search engines to look up for my family. That was nice of him.

She wondered about being homeless. In some cases, I wanted to be homeless. Quite true. Homeless from unhappiness (really, the depression) was an escape for me. New York was a tough place to be homeless; it was cold too. I always comes back to LA.

She wanted to know why I am in LA.......that's easy. Sunshine, beaches, the mountains, the palm trees and such.

I confessed about the attempted murder. Yet, I am still a free bird. I got away with a major crime! Ooohhhhh! The police won't arrest me. Lucky me! LOL.

That was the big event of the day........see u whenever!

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