Friday, September 14, 2001

2001 Sept 14, Friday

Miguel wants to go to his sister's in Whittier. I didn't want to, no blinkers! Miguel tried to convince me to lie to his sister about the car. I was so angry inside; I won't lie for him. If I do, I would prolong his drinking! Hello, Miguel, wake up before it's too late. We got dressed. I noticed his left elbow and arm was bruised from last night. He used a long sleeved shirt to cover up the bruise!

We were on our way to his sisters. He want to take the highway, I explained we have no blinkers. He told me to stop by the auto place on Fountain/highland. No luck, we went to Pep Boys on Hollywood/Gower. There was some success, but Miguel didn't want to do anything in the hot sun. We ate at a sushi restaurant on Larchmont. He challenge me if I don't eat with the chopsticks, I have to pay for lunch! I was in no mood. I noticed he didn't eat with chopsticks. Therefore, he paid for lunch! Really, I didn't want to pay. I paid for the taxi ride, $35! We walked to the car; he was limping from his right leg.

We got home and ended in bed together after he took a shower. He can be persuaded sometimes. We rested up. Miguel started to call old friends; it could mean only one thing. Death is coming soon or the hospital again! He also called the gay club too for the car key and his glasses. I overheard him that he ran into a car and the driver took the car key from him. I am not sure what really happened. I'm still in the dark to this day. I haven't told him that I have his keys! Miguel called the eye doctor for new glasses. I didn't want to go to downtown LA, lots of police is there and may stop me for having no blinkers! I want to take care of it first. We headed back to Pep Boys. We fixed the blinkers; it needed a new fuse.

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